Feeling inspired by a few too many sources, this new series of drawings is a pretty distinct tangent from my previous work. I originally stumbled across this style thinking about how to draw the shadows found in my more sculptural pieces based upon Rape of the Sabine and Hercules and the Centuar, Nessus.

Condescension II_gunpowder, pigment on paper_30x22Condescension III

Condescension IV: the ability to laugh at weakness_gunpowder, pigment, paper_30x22 inCondescension I: pragmatism not idealism_ pigment, gunpowder paper_ 30x22 in

This type of highly iconic image is a graphic design style reminiscent of Russian Constructivism propaganda art and, much later, gig posters. Of course, I also laughed about the other-worldy reference to UFOs with all those strange beams radiating from the works. These disparate influences are referenced in the series title “Condescension,” which I like due to it’s word-play with CON (falsity or propaganda), DESCENT and ASCENSION.

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