~This blog follows one year of production by Ryder from Sept. 2012 – Aug. 2013 while he participates in the Roswell Artist-in-Residence program. ~

Ryder Richards, born in 1977, grew up in Roswell, New Mexico. He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts  from Texas Tech University with a minor in architecture. He earned a Master of Fine Arts from Texas Christian University. Ryder has studied art throughout the United States and in Italy, Spain, and Germany.

After opening and running two alternative art venues in Lubbock, Texas in 2009 Richards became the Gallery Coordinator for Richland College in Dallas, Texas. The gallery has received regional press attention as an experimental arts venue providing space for burgeoning artists exploring non-commercial concepts. During his stay in Roswell he has developed THE CUBE, a 10′ cubed gallery inside his studio which hosts exhibits and acts as an installation space.

Richards is co-founder of the RYDER JON PIOTRS NOMADIC GALLERY, a traveling art gallery in the form of a 24’ Ryder moving truck, and CULTURE LABORATORY, a collective of 12 American artists spread across the U.S. interested in the exchange of ideas and the social development of art in the 21st century. Both collaborations have spurred creative, social programming leading to Richards more recent collaborations and membership with THE ART FOUNDATION in Dallas.

for more information on his art practice, collaborations, and writing: Ryder Richards

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