Self Deception 2013


Self Deception 2013
Stephen Lapthisophon

The Cube
Roswell, New Mexico

Friday, June 7, 2013 from 6- 9 PM

The Cube presents Self Deception 2013 by Dallas-based artist Stephen Lapthisophon. Engaging the nebulous area between public and private, personal and communal, the artist has sent a series of travelling objects, letters, pop-culture memorabilia, LPs, and postal detritus to be examined, arranged, and rearranged by participants.

Sifting through the personally marked mail of the un-present artist amidst a smattering of cultural signifiers attempts to collapse the distinction between the private self and the curated self. In so doing the exhibit echoes the mixed nature of the gallery: a private studio occasionally made public, selectively encouraging discourse and reflection as shifting identity. The gallery and Self Deception 2013 provide containers filled with the markers and marks of identity, yet provide only emblematic, fragmented traces of the person to be fulfilled through the proxy interaction of the viewer and participant.


About the Artist: Lapthisophon received his MFA from School of Art Institute in Chicago, combining conceptual art, critical theory and disability studies with poetry, performance, and installation. He has exhibited in New York, Barcelona, Berlin and London with pieces in the collection of the Dallas Museum of Art and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Lapthisophon has taught at School of Art Institute in Chicago and Columbia College, while currently teaching at University of Texas in Arlington. Drawing inspiration from the Situationists he has said “Through investigation of issues of permanence and change in site-specific installations, I hope to… break down the barriers between where the work of art ends and everyday life begins.”

+ Stephen’s website
+ Stephen’s Wikipedia page

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