Deposition II

Deposition II_ wood, acrylic, ebonized cherry wood, gold leaf_ 81"x 48"x 24"

Deposition II_ wood, acrylic, ebonized cherry wood, gold leaf_ 81″x 48″x 24″

Deposition II
wood, acrylic, ebonized cherry wood, gold leaf
81″x 48″x 24″

Welcome to the latest piece of… well, I don’t know. The piece has been a while in the making as I keep travelling and hosting other art shows and such, which means I sporadically set the thing up and stare at it then make one small move, adding one piece of wood or coloring one plane. As such, the piece has evolved organically rather than being an idea that is executed.

The source of the figure will remain a mystery for now, but you can trust that it comes from a certain historic painting. I am so enamored with the painting that I will probably make 2 or 3 more pieces concerned with the abstraction of the main figures.

As a point of note: The gold leaf on the back reflects a yellow-ish glow onto the wall behind the piece, which is a technique I have used several times in the past and thoroughly enjoy as it creates an ambient halo interacting with  the shadows.

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