I went to Marfa on May 31 to see Jeff Mangum (of Nuetral Milk Hotel) in concert. There were about 100 or so people in a tiny venue. It made the concert very intense, odd and silent and perfect.

DSC_0094 copy

Being that this was, maybe, my 7th time to go to Marfa I did not hit up all the big venues like Chinati or take a tour of Judd’s home. I did hit up Rashid Johnson‘s exhibit at Ballroom Marfa. I saw many of the works in Chicago a year ago. I suppose I like what he is doing, but feel so distant from the conversation that it ceases to intrigue me.


I camped out for 3 nights at El Cosmico. During this time I just strolled around looking at art and taking photos. It was quite pleasant. Below are way too many photos. I was mostly taken with all the flat facades and the abundance of rectangles/squares that are shockingly similar to minimalist art if not better due to their functional, accidental nature.  * Note: I do not claim to be a photographer, but I enjoyed taking these and doctoring them a bit.

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  1. You should consider being a photographer!

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