Deposition I

After my exhibit at the Roswell Museum and my last Cube installation I have been travelling (NYC, Marfa, Houston, and Dallas), lecturing (Texas Tech University and Eastern New Mexico University), and doing some writing (semigloss magazine and Cornell University MFA catalog). I have also spent a bit of time in the studio developing a slightly new direction.

deposition 1c

“Deposition I: This Problem Is Gonna Last More Than The Weekend” (2013) acrylic, wood, ebonized cherry wood 62″x 48″ x48″

I am tempted to tell you all the references, from a distinct abstract artist to a mid-19th century academic figurative painter, but that may give away too much. After all this abstracting and morphing the art is becoming it’s own thing outside of it’s references.

This is also a return to color for me. Maybe the first time in the last 4 years I have used colored acrylic paint as an integral component. Of course, the colors have art historical significance, too.

Am I being too much of a tease with this thing? Oh, well. It will be the first time in a while that I have not totally explained something I have made.

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