On display as part of the ongoing First Friday exhibition series:
Friday, January 4th, 2013 from 6-9 PM.

works by Jonathan Whitfill, The Cube

Open Studio
works by Natasha Bowdoin, House #4

In the early years of my schooling I decided what I was going to be… a Renaissance Man.  It seemed the logical choice: master of all trades.  What I didn’t know was that there isn’t much of a job market in modern times for such a man.  I have been a Bar Tender, Tire repair man, EMT, College Instructor, Chess Coach, Fire Fighter, Entomologist, Gas Chromatograph technician, and I am currently a High School Physics teacher and an Artist. Of all of these the latter is where my passion has been the most profound, and where I have dedicated the majority of my energy.

My most recent solo exhibition was titled “Edition,” and here at Ryder Richard’s Cube Gallery at the RAiR compound is a selection of works culled from that larger “Edition.”  Represented are two bodies of work that I have been investigating for many years.  The nail/word series are intimate pieces that are composed of welded nails that each have an individual word attached in a seemingly random pattern.  Yet, as with all things apparently random, there are moments of apparent lucidity within the mixtures of metal and paper patiently waiting for a receptive viewer to decipher their external monologue.   The book wheel series are an investigation of the circular nature of a typically rectilinear form, the book.  Constructed from discarded encyclopedias, dictionaries, and romance novels these formal found object sculptures pay homage to a rapidly diminishing delivery item of knowledge while stimulating concepts of longevity and beauty albeit in an altered state.

~Jonathan Whitfill

Please join Jon and Ryder at The Cube, #8 Howard Cook Rd, on Friday,  January 4th between 6 and 9 PM for light refreshment and energetic conversation.

Remember to stop by House #4 for Open Studio visits with resident Natasha Bowdoin.


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