The Cube, a 10′ x 10′ x 10′ space, is my first undertaking at the RAiR.

Part I: Don’t think too hard

Stymied by my new surroundings I started to over-think things and have created my own, smaller, space in which to work and explore. Yes, this means I have psychological issues, probably Freudian in nature. Hopefully, if I do not look too closely, these stupendous urges will manifest some great art.

The Cube acts as a ‘gallery’ inside a studio. This ‘nowhere space’ is devoid of trappings, allowing for a ‘gallery standard’ space in which to set up new challenges for myself. As my work moves increasingly towards installation and testing failure (i.e. breaking things) I feel that the RAiR will thank me for building and breaking my walls instead of theirs.

Part II: Always have a plan.

Having a plan helps when you don’t know what to do. So, I made a drawing of what I was going to do. Now that I have built it I am drawing a blank. Wish me luck in thinking up some childish or witty interventions with which to tame The Cube.


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One thought on “Cube

  1. It’s a Ryder truck without wheels!!!!

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